My objective is to make a theory of condensed matter, especially on the low-energy phenomenon called Cold Fusion or LERN. This I did, now we have to test it in the lab. Moreover, I'm making an instrument anti-tumor.

Fields of Interest

Theoretical Physics, nuclear Physics, low energy nuclear reactions, structure of matter, condensed matter science of metals.

Professional Responsibilities

Nuclear researcher of the American Chemical Society and Russian Research Centre of Kurchatov Institute.

Knowledge, World Heritage Site

Fulvio Frisone: low energy fusion does not violate the laws of nature. I'm working from the theoretical point of view, focusing on the mechanisms that can help the non-thermal fusion reaction between deuterium nuclei in condensed phase. The purpose of this website is to exchange scientific information without being plagiarized . For this reason, we can’t publish works that haven’t been published yet on magazines and/or in Acts of Congress. Of course, only the title and the abstract of the works will be published, as well as where and when they have already been published. We strongly recommend that you insert all your personal data so that it will be easier to contact you. The site was created for the circulation of articles, written by theoretical physics equipment on the low-energy fusion without radioactive waste, that have been published from the Thirties until today.

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